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My Thoughts

What Went Well
Since I had previously worked on this question before, I was able to solve it in just two minutes.

What I Learned
I refreshed my memory on the algorithm’s name, although I recalled how to implement it despite not knowing its name.

I was able to solve this question so quickly because I struggled with it a lot in the past. The first time I encountered this question, I was so frustrated that I could not figure it out because it seemed like an easy task. To better understand the algorithm, I watched a tutorial and found that the visual representation solidified this algorithm in my brain.

Algorithm Description

Kadane’s Algorithm - An iterative dynamic programming algorithm often used to find the maximum subarray. The algorithm tracks the local/current sum and the global sum. It iterates through the array and updates these values with the largest. Local/current sum either updates to the current array value or the current sum plus that value. Global sum either updates to the global sum or the current sum.

Visual Examples
Kadane’s Algorithm being performed on an array, click to view

Solution Statistics

Time Spent Coding
2 Minutes

Time Complexity
O(n) - Each element in the array is only visited once, resulting in the O(n) time complexity.

Space Complexity
O(1) - Only two new variables are created. The number of variables declared does not depend on the number of items in the list, resulting in the O(1) space complexity.

Runtime Beats
47.76% of other submissions

Memory Beats
96.85% of other sumbissions


class Solution:
    def maxSubArray(self, nums: List[int]) -> int:
        # We must initialize to either -infinity or the first value in the array
        # To make the for loop more understandable, I chose -infinity
        curMax = globalMax = -inf

        for n in nums:
            curMax = max(n,curMax+n)
            globalMax = max(globalMax,curMax)

        return globalMax
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