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What is This Website About?

Welcome to My Website

This is a space for me to track my progress as I work towards becoming a software developer. One of the main “features” of my website is my coding challenges, where when I complete a LeetCode problem, I share the solution, time spent, time + space complexities, algorithm/data structures used, and a high-level explanation of the answer.
By doing so, I hold myself accountable, stay motivated, and reinforce what I learned while creating each solution.

My Goal

Through sharing my solutions, I hope to inspire others to take action, even if it’s just taking small steps toward their goals. I am creating this website to assist in my ability to explain my thoughts better while coding and to enable me to recognize coding patterns and appropriate data structures more quickly. Doing so allows me to learn from my mistakes, recognize my strengths, and continuously improve.

Who Is Douglas Titze

I have a post dedicated to that here.

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