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My Thoughts

What Went Well
I have encountered a very similar problem to this one and knew how to solve it instantly.

All the submissions are identical, so more recent submissions have higher statistics, while later submissions have lower.

Solution Statistics

Time Spent Coding
10 seconds

Time Complexity
O(n + k) - We must iterate through each element in s, which has n elements separated by spaces, and then the output array, which will have k elements, resulting in the O(n + k) time complexity.

Space Complexity
O(n) - We must duplicate all elements in s to compute the intermediate array, resulting in the O(n) space complexity. All other intermediates are smaller than n, and those intermediates also overwrite n, so they do not “count” towards space complexity since they store less data than n.

Runtime Beats
100% of other submissions

Memory Beats
93.72% of other sumbissions


class Solution:
    def truncateSentence(self, s: str, k: int) -> str:
        # .split() - Creates an array of all elements in s separated by white space
        # [:k] - Extracts the number of elements requested into another array
        # " ".join() - Concatenates the elements in the array, separating each element with a space
        return " ".join(s.split()[:k])
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