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Time Complexity
O(n + m + k) - The algorithm iterates through all characters within both the integer inputs and their XOR representation, resulting in the O(n + m + k) time complexity.

Space Complexity
O(k) - The algorithm performs XOR on both input integers and then converts the result into its binary representation; although only an intermediate value, the computer still stores this binary representation temporarily, resulting in the O(k) space complexity.

Runtime Beats
91.65% of other submissions

Memory Beats
96.31% of other sumbissions


The algorithm converts the XOR of x and y into binary and counts the number of 1s. This results in the correct output because 1 only appears if a 1 exists in one binary number and not the other at the same index.


class Solution:
    def hammingDistance(self, x: int, y: int) -> int:
        return bin(x^y).count("1")
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