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Intersection of Two Arrays

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Time Spent Coding
5 minutes

Time Complexity
O(n + m) - Although multiple operations are mutating the input lists, none are nested, resulting in the O(n + m) time complexity.

Space Complexity
O(n + m) - The algorithm creates two sets of at most n and m elements, resulting in the O(n + m) space complexity.

Runtime Beats
79.72% of other submissions

Memory Beats
69.72% of other sumbissions


The steps to this algorithm are:

  • Convert each input list into a set
  • Execute the intersection function
    • Under the hood it checks if each number from the set of nums1 is within the set of nums2
    • If ever true, it begins creating a set of their intersection

Data Structure Used

Hash Table (Set) - An unordered container of non-repeating values.

Visual Examples
An array being transformed into a set, click to view


class Solution:
    def intersection(self, nums1: List[int], nums2: List[int]) -> List[int]:
        return set(nums1).intersection(set(nums2))
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