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Repeated Substring Pattern

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Time Spent Coding
2 minutes

Time Complexity
O(n) - The input string s is duplicated and iterated multiple times, but big-O does not consider this when calculating time complexity, resulting in the O(n) time complexity.

Space Complexity
O(n) - The input string must be duplicated, resulting in the O(n) space complexity. Technically, it stores n * 2 characters since s is repeated twice in the duplicated string, but as stated before, this factor is not considered.

Runtime Beats
63.28% of other submissions

Memory Beats
72.18% of other sumbissions


The algorithm attempts to find the original input string within the duplicated string repeated. To avoid false positives, remove the first and last character from the repeated string. This allows for a single unique repeated pattern to be found. But, if the string is inconsistent with repeating substrings, removing the first and last characters will cause the program to return false.


class Solution:
    def repeatedSubstringPattern(self, s: str) -> bool:
        repeated = s + s
        return s in repeated[1:]
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